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Web Ring Details Web Ring Questions + Campaign Reports

What Is A Webring?

A web ring, also called a webring or ring, is another practical and affective way to link common websites together on the Internet. A web ring can have as many or as few websites in the ring as desired; the better web rings recruit smaller rings and share a similar topic or purpose. Websites in a web ring experience more quality and targeted traffic and encourage people to visit the other websites within the ring.

A web ring begins with one person, called a moderator (owner), who decides to start the ring to group together similar websites for a specific purpose. The ring moderator contacts other websites, or the website owners might contact the moderator, to see if they are interested in participating in the web ring. If they are, each website in the ring will feature a navigation bar (image) or text that links back (reciprocal link) to the web ring home page (landing page) where other ring participants can be found.

The web ring landing page will generally provide information about the ring, its purpose, and how it works. It will also explain who qualifies and provide information on how to join the ring, along with a list or display of websites that participate in the ring. The landing page is where people can browse or view other websites in the web ring or determine if this particular web bring will suit their purpose as well.

How To Join

The webring moderator determines which websites qualify to be included in the web ring. Upon approval, webmasters add their website to the ring by 'linking in' to the ring; this requires adding the necessary navigation bar (image) or text (provided by the moderator) to their website linking back (reciprocal link) to the web ring home page (landing page). Upon verification of the reciprocal link installed and working, the web ring moderator will create and install the image or text link and activate the web ring account. more details

Monitor Your Success

This web ring provides a daily and monthly displays and clicks report for you to monitor just how well this web ring helps promote your website. You can view the campaign reports example here: Campaign Reports.

Why Join A Ring?

To join a web ring is a great way to steer more people to your website. Similar to link exchange that requires one link displayed on your website for each reciprocal link, a web ring only requires one link to the web ring home page displayed on your website for hundreds of possible reciprocal links in return.

With millions of websites competing in search engine results, many websites rank poorly in the results and some websites are very difficult to find all. Chances are, when people find websites featured in the web ring, they will also find your website. A webring website is also more likely to appear higher in search engine results when more websites link to a website and more people visit a website. A popularity factor in the search engine algorithm.

People usually join a web ring to encourage more quality and target traffic to their website from related websites or simply join the "club". When used to improve search engine rankings, web rings can be considered a search engine optimization technique as well. And even if your website is doing just fine, a little more push is always nice.

Do you own a Chester County Pennsylvania Small Business Website? Would you like to experiment and see if our webring will generate significant quality and targeted traffic? Great! Join this ring...

To join this webring, you must:
Maintain a Chester County PA Small Business Website.
Comply with our "good neighbor and safe surfing" standards and policies.

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